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FourEverGreen Limited is a hydroponic farming company that grows high quality, healthy food, using sustainable production methods. We are committed to ensuring that our processes and produce match our four core values; healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical. Our vision is to create food security for a growing world population.

FourEverGreen Limited is run from our Head Office in Hong Kong, while our hydroponic farm is based in Liangkouzhen, China.

Christopher Marshall – CEO

I have a background in financial services over the past 30 years, with 23 of those years in Hong Kong. In 2014, I switched my investment skills to hydroponics with a Middle Eastern company, with the view of offering people ethical and sustainable options. I co-founded FourEverGreen to offer a similar opportunity closer to home. We all have a strong belief in growing a sustainable, low carbon footprint business, that fits today’s demand for greener businesses.

Annette M. Houlihan – CFO & Sales Director

I have been in financial services for over 30 years and I am now at an age where sustainability of life is important. How better to be a part of a major movement in how we produce food throughout the world? My interest in reducing single use plastics has increased and my knowledge of how we grow food and what we put in it, has expanded – all since getting involved with FourEverGreen.

Mark Evans – Director

Prior to FourEverGreen, I was an executive in the footwear and trading industries based in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, supplying products to multinational branded companies. Getting involved in hydroponic farming may not seem a natural progression but in an ever populous world, reduced arable farmland, hydroponic farming just makes sense. Using a lot less land yet being more productive and sustainable, I feel by being part of FourEverGreen, I can make a positive contribution to people and the environment.

KK Kwan – Operations Director

I have devoted myself entirely to building up a bigger force to make our Earth green again,with less pollution, a cleaner environment, and to preserve our planet for the next generation. We can and we should, so why not?

The whole team at FourEverGreen is dedicated to ensuring that all parts of our business meet our four core values. So when you eat our produce, you can be sure that it is as sustainable as it is tasty.